Sterling Edge manufactures premier 3-D milling tools to help make our loyal mold and die makers the best in the business


At Sterling Edge, we know that mold and die makers face increasing challenges to mill pre-hardened dies and molds to ever tighter tolerances. Achieving those tolerances while still maintaining quality can take longer machining times, however, and manufacturers waiting for those molds are not always ready to accept delays in production.

For mold and die makers to keep ahead of the competition, they need to work with a milling tool manufacturer they can depend on to keep abreast of the latest advances in materials and design, and who can respond quickly to special orders. Mold makers require advanced milling tools to shape hard materials.

But how do they choose the right technology in a tool that provides the greatest return? That takes a knowledgeable tool manufacturer to work with a mold and die maker with a shared investment in the mold maker's success. That's the approach we take at Sterling Edge as a premiere manufacturer of extremely accurate yet competitively priced profile milling tools.

Sterling Edge understands the demand for milling hardened alloys at high speeds, requiring new carbide inserts designed specifically for such work. Even more advances occur all the time. Sterling Edge stays on top of those advances to create top-rated 3-D milling tools that provide:

  • Quicker setup
  • Faster spindle speeds
  • More aggressive cuts
  • Fewer stops for tool changes
  • Less tool breakage
  • Less bench work.

Mold and die makers should expect nothing less. That's why the best mold and die makers depend on Sterling Edge.

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